UVA Data Science for the Public Good Program

The Data Science for the Public Good (DSPG) Young Scholars program is a summer immersive program held at the Biocomplexity Institute’s Social and Decision Analytics division (SDAD). In its seventh year, the program engages students from across the country to work together on projects that address state, federal, and local government challenges around critical social issues relevant in the world today. DSPG young scholars conduct research at the intersection of statistics, computation, and the social sciences to determine how information generated within every community can be leveraged to improve quality of life and inform public policy. For more information on program highlights, how to apply, and our annual symposium, please visit the official Biocomplexity DSPG website.

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Equitable Delivery of Emergency Medical Services

Project Summary

The Charlottesville Fire Department, the Albemarle County Department of Fire and Rescue and the University of Virginia are working together to understand how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting their community, with particular emphasis on the delivery of Emergency Medical Services (EMS). The DSPG and SDAD team has worked to evaluate how EMS operations have changed when compared to operations prior to the epidemic and analyzed variation in service delivery for historically underserved communities in the Charlottesville and Albemarle area.

DSPG Team Members

Finn Roberts
Finn Roberts, Fellow

University of Minnesota

Biostatistics, Geographic Information Systems

Chase Dawson
Chase Dawson, Intern

University of Virginia

Computer Science

Ellen Graham
Ellen Graham, Intern

Macalester College

Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Computer Science

Saimun Habib
Saimun Habib, Intern

Harvard College

Statistics, Mathematics

Project Sponsors/Stakeholders

Emily Peliccia

Acting Fire Chief, Charlottesville Fire Department

Dan Eggleston

Fire Rescue Chief, Albemarle County

Michael Williams

Associate Professor of Surgery, University of Virginia Medical School


Lucas Lyons, Systems Performance Analyst, Charlottesville Fire Department
Damon Pettitt, GISP, Senior Systems Analyst for Fire Rescue, Albemarle County, VA
Josh Goldstein, Research Assistant Professor

We would like to thank Lucas and Damon for their help and guidance with the EMS data. We appreciate the prompt email exchanges, phone/Zoom calls, and all of the time that they put in to gather, adjust, send, and re-send data.

We would like to thank Josh for sharing his expertise in statistical modeling techniques and synthetic population estimation.