UVA Data Science for the Public Good Program

The Data Science for the Public Good (DSPG) Young Scholars program is a summer immersive program held at the Biocomplexity Institute’s Social and Decision Analytics division (SDAD). In its seventh year, the program engages students from across the country to work together on projects that address state, federal, and local government challenges around critical social issues relevant in the world today. DSPG young scholars conduct research at the intersection of statistics, computation, and the social sciences to determine how information generated within every community can be leveraged to improve quality of life and inform public policy. For more information on program highlights, how to apply, and our annual symposium, please visit the official Biocomplexity DSPG website.

2020 Veteran Career Pathways Summer Project

DSPG Team Members

Madeline Pickens, Fellow (M.S. Data Science for Public Policy, Georgetown University)
Joanna Schroeder, Intern (College of William and Mary, Government and Public Health)
Crystal Zang, Intern (Smith College, Mathematics, Statistical and Data Science)

UVA SDAD Team Members

Joshua Goldstein (Research Assistant Professor, DSPG Project Lead)
Vicki Lancaster (Principal Scientist)

Project Sponsors/Stakeholders

The Army Research Institute (ARI) is tasked with researching methods to improve the soldier lifecycle, informing human resource policies in the Army, and investigating relevant domain areas in the social and behavioral sciences that could impact Army-related issues. Our sponsor at ARI is Andy Slaughter, a senior research psychologist.